Nesbeth Tour Blues

While he declined to elaborate on the specifics, reggae artiste Nesbeth stressed that “pressing projects in the pipeline” was the reason for postponing his scheduled month-long tour of Europe. Nesbeth, who should have left the island last weekend, was due to kick off his tour on March 30 in Zurich, Switzerland.

“It’s not one of those things that I could just get up and leave. I do understand what time it is. I myself have to make preparation,” was all he was willing to say.

A press release from Nesbeth’s team stated: “It is with regret that we must inform the ­public and fans of Nesbeth that his ­upcoming European tour scheduled for April has been postponed due to numerous important projects currently being undertaken. We tried our best to make it work, but unfortunately, if he had embarked on the expedition, we would have to pull him for weeks at a time based on his other commitments, and that would not be fair to the fans, hence the decision to ­suspend the tour.”

Image result for NesbethNesbeth was touring on his October 2018 release, AMEN, an album dedicated to his late wife, Anne Marie, whose initials spell out the album’s title. He revealed that AMEN “has a passport and a visa for every continent” and has gone places. Having completed a 12-city US tour, he is anticipating the album taking even greater flight.

The Remove My Enemies singer and his team are looking for the artiste to penetrate the African market, but they are tight-lipped about the details of this project. He has recorded a song with an African artiste, Eyes For You, and the video is in the making. But as for the name of the artiste with whom he has collaborated, that information remains under lock and key.

Also in the pipeline are new singles, another video, and, of course, live shows, especially if the promoters who the team had turned down because of the tour are ­willing to re-negotiate.

“I had put a number of shows aside because of the tour, but I am ready; I was born ready. I have to keep the fans in the loop. I am living for my kids and my fans,” the now single father said. He added, “I put my shoulder to the wheel and see how I can add my voice to that of the greats. The fans need albums that show them that the journey continues and the music lives on.”

Image result for NesbethDeclaring that he is truly happy with the trajectory of the album, Nesbeth said that a launch was held in Harlem, USA, and that it went well. “The idea is for it to penetrate the four corners of the world. We are not here forever, but the works will live on. AMEN is a tribute to my wife, who contributed so much so that I could reach where I am. So anywhere she deh, as dem say, she a look down and a smile,” he said.

Single Father

In talking about life as a single father, Nesbeth did his best to sound upbeat. “I cannot use the words in the dictionary to describe that journey; I am just giving as much as I can and making sure that I am ready mentally, ­physically and emotionally to take on the challenge,” the father of five said. “At the end of the day, from my kids them all right, me good. I have three kids around me now, and they all have different ­personalities. You can’t have a manual because it is the ­individual that you are dealing with. It’s a mountain sometimes, but you have to climb it. But in reality, me nah wish no single parent pon no father,” Nesbeth said.

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