Lisa Hyper Encourages Young Women To Keep Their Eyes On The Prize

Image result for lisa hyperDancehall artiste Lisa Hyper says she believes she has reached a level of musical maturity and will be looking to put out more inspirational tracks as she continues her growth.

In an interview with THE STAR, the entertainer, who recently released the track Eyes on the Prize, said she has always wanted to do songs that would motivate and inspire.

“I wanted to do something exclusively for the young girls,” she said. “Too many young girls are being victimised and being led astray. I want them to hear that they are queens, and that they deserve the best and they can achieve anything their minds conceive.”

Well aware that people will use her past to suggest that she is the least appropriate woman to deliver this kind of message, Hyper believes she has learnt from her mistakes and become a better, smarter young woman.

“Experience teaches wisdom,” she said. “When you listen to the song, you will see that I went in depth by saying ‘ you see da hype ya nuh bada follow back a dis‘. It means I want young girls to see beyond the hype and see that there is more to life dan that which meets the eye. I’m not trying to be the best role model, but you got to have a past to live the future. What took place in the past still doesn’t define me.”

Getting love

Despite the intended audience, Hyper says many older women, and even men, have been embracing it with much love.

“Bounty Killer even took the time out to repost it on his Instagram and express his love for the song and the message. I’ve been getting a lot of calls from fellow male entertainers like I-Octane about this song, loving how I took charge and beat up the riddim,” she said.

Despite the support, Hyper says she would love if the female disc jocks, in particular, would play it more frequently.

She says it would send a strong message throughout the industry if they took charge of the track’s endorsement.

She says it would not only send a powerful message of unity in the business, but it would also signal their standing with her on the song’s message. Hyper recently shot the video for the song and says that it is expected to be released shortly.

Source: Lisa Hyper encourages young women to keep their eyes on the prize | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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