Jada Kingdom Collabs With Tidal For 4/20 Playlist

Image result for Jada KingdomRecording artiste Jada Kingdom has again joined forces with international streaming service, Tidal.

This time, the soulful singer is curating a special playlist to observe this year’s ‘weed day’, more popularly known around the world as 4/20.

April 20 is a day in cannabis culture where the smoking of ganja is encouraged, particularly around 4:20 p.m.

This year’s 4/20 celebrations will be observed on Saturday and Kingdom will be joining in on the festivities by sharing a special number of selected tracks with her fans for the day.

The Banana singer was propositioned by the Tidal team on a recent visit to the company’s headquarters in New York.

She was asked to do a takeover of their Reggae Relax playlist for 4/20 and as such, she will be replacing the present playlist with 20 reggae songs of her choice.

Kingdom told THE WEEKEND STAR that Tidal did not outrightly tell her that the songs should reflect messages surrounding the celebration of marijuana, only that they should reflect the Reggae Relax theme.

Image result for Jada Kingdom“But I thought it would be very appropriate to sprinkle in a few herb tunes,” she said laughing. “I mixed up the playlist with some of my favourite reggae songs and artistes past and present, to really mark 4/20. I was more than ready when they came up with this concept. We are also working on a few exclusive content ideas with them so stay tuned. Tidal is a big supporter of reggae and dancehall music and is also one of the very few streaming platforms actually available in Jamaica, so it’s natural to show back love and support.”

Kingdom’s Takeover is expected to be heavily promoted on the platform and via social media.

Her specially curated playlist will replace the current list of reggae songs on the platform at midnight on Friday and will stay in place all weekend.

Image result for Jada KingdomAfter that, the playlist will go back to the original Tidal Reggae Relax playlist but a permanent link to Kingdom’s playlist on the platform will be made available.

Tracks by Jacob Miller, Peter Tosh, Lila Ike, Serani, Charly Black, Samory I, Keznamdi, Sevana and Kingdom herself are expected to feature among the list of songs.

This new playlist will be Kingdom’s second on the platform.

Source: Jada Kingdom collabs with Tidal for 4/20 playlist | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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