Jada Kingdom Address Viral Video

Jada Kingdom has sought to address a video that has gone viral on social media.

In the footage, a woman resembling the Dancehall singer can get seen getting her boobs sucked by a popular Kingston-based tattoo artiste/recording artiste. The video started to make rounds earlier this week after several Dancehall and Gossip blogs claimed it was the “Love Situations” hit maker.

However Jada Kingdom is now stepping forward to refute the claims. On Wednesday she took to her Instagram story and wrote, “I’ll leave you all to your assumptions. I guess just exposed myself…. I guess my tattoos got “videoshopped” out.”

Image result for jada kingdom“My nipple rings just magically disappeared, my gauges mystically reduced. and my lips got black…. suddenly,” Jada continued. “However they say that’s me in the video….. ALLEGEDLY.”

Jada Kingdom also uploaded several videos of the couple, “All i know is that man loves that woman,” she added before proceeding to the official video shoot for her swimsuit line.

Source: Jada Kingdom Address Viral Video | The Tropixs

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