Gully Bop Wants More Airplay – Deejay Says Radio Disc Jockeys Have Forgotten Him

Image result for gully bop in jamaicaDancehall artiste Gully Bop has been noticeably absent from the local music scene, and he blames this on disc jockeys who he believes are not giving him enough airplay.

In a recent interview with THE STAR, the 54-year-old said that even though his 2018 physical assault court case forced him to maintain a low profile, he never stopped recording music. He is also blasting radio disc jockeys for not supporting his music.

“Nuh whole heap a songs a play pon the radio again wid me, but mi cyaan force di disc jockey dem fi play mi song dem,” he said.

“Everywhere mi go in the world dem play mi song, but mi nuh hear mi song play pon the radio where mi belong. Me is a Jamaican. Mi born a Jamaica, and me nuh hear nuh disc jockey come pon the station in the morning and seh: ‘Wah happen to Gully Bop?’. Never. Is like dem nuh memba Gully Bop.”

He added that he could take the initiative to visit local radio stations and promote his music, but chooses not to.

Meanwhile, Gully Bop is gearing up to release his debut EP, Rumours, a six-track testimonial of his life experiences. It is being produced by Jacqueline Hunt. The lead single, Bag A Rumours, is just one account of the deejay’s growth, as he said that his music transcends the ‘Wuk Offa Me’ punchline the public knows him for.

Image result for gully bop in jamaicaHe is hoping to get at least three hit songs from the EP, which he said is scheduled for release “any day now”.

Despite his change to a more positive sound, Gully Bop claims radio disc jockeys prefer to promote violent or degrading music.

Me song dem powerful

“Some song weh me sing, me nuh hear radio carry, and me ask myself if me fi give up. Me song dem powerful. Me listen other artistes song, and di songs weh me hear disc jockeys a play a pure ‘boom boom boom’ or a talk bout di girls dem parts and dem bleep it out. When you sing reality, dem nuh waan play it. A di devil mek dem a do dem tings deh. Money a di devil, and a true dem love di money, dem nah go socialise wid me weh nuh have a bag a money fi give dem,” he said.

Gully Bop is also encouraging radio gatekeepers to add more variety to their set list.

“Play di artiste songs mek di people dem call in pon di radio and seh: ‘Me no like da song deh, nuh play it again.’ But you nuh seh you nuh like my song and nuh play it.”

Nonetheless, Gully Bop remains encouraged, as he said that his music is still loved worldwide.

“If nothing nah gwaan pon one island for me, it a gwaan other places cause the world big,” he said. “Me always hear some artistes buss before me buss, and me always a seh how me nuh hear dem again. But yuh see when me get the shine and go out there, me find out seh dem still a gwaan wid things in other countries.”

Source: Gully Bop wants more airplay – Deejay says radio disc jockeys have forgotten him | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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