Dalton’s Mother Cries After He Drove Pass Her In Their Community

Image result for dalton harrisAccording to reports Dalton Harris is yet to visit his mother since his return to the Island.

Dalton’s mother Sylvia Campbell told the Jamaica STAR that Dalton returned to Jamaica on her birthday which was on Wednesday April 3rd but he did not visit nor call her.

“I heard that Dalton was coming on the Wednesday, and then on the Saturday somebody came and told me that Dalton was here in the community. I was so nervous and weak when I heard. Anyway, I go out the road and I was out there when the vehicle pass. I know it was him because them describe the vehicle to me, a burgundy van. And him just pass me.” 51 year old Campbell told The STAR.

Dalton’s mother explained that, Dalton not stopping to say hello makes her feel sad and brought her to tears “I felt very bad, so bad that I cried,”.

Image result for dalton harrisMiss Campbell went on to state that the last time Dalton called her was when he was leaving to go  to the UK for the XFactor competition. Campbell who spoke in tears stated that she is willing to put the pass behind her as she loves her son, “I didn’t tell him that I love him, but he knows that. Dalton and all my children know that I love them” she said.

Divided Opinions on the Matter
One person commented on the matter stating “She needs to make the effort to reconcile instead of running to the media as Dalton said why not reach out to him” while another said “Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days maybe long i forgave my mother you can too bro god as been good to you so be humble”.

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