Dalton Answers To Gay Questions, Tells His Life Story in Onstage Interview

Image result for dalton harris in concertIn his first Jamaican interview since winning the VOICE singing competition in the UK, the very talented 24-year-old Jamaican singer is back on the Island and made an appearance on OnstageTV, an interview that he said he was looking forward to.

Where do you call home these days? asked Winford, Dalton answered stating “Home is where work is and right now it’s in London” Harris talks about his 22 dates UK tour. “Writing singing that’s where my heart lies” explaining that he’s comfortable overseas and traveling frequnetly because he’s able to do what he want to do the most.

Dalton went on to state that Jamaicans are nice to him in the UK. Harris also stated that he feels that he still have a lot to prove to the world and that his fan base is not where he wants it to be.

Dalton’s recording contract
Dalton says he’s currently in a 1 million pound contract whereby he must produce 3-4 Albums, he has full control over his music “even though mi have mi control mi open to others ideas” he has about 300 tracks recorded so far.

Bitter Sweet
From living on the streets of Jamaica to basking in international fame.

First it was the controversy with his mom, Dalton explains why he said what he said bout his rough childhood. “it’s no secret that mi have a hard life as a child … and we don’t have the best of relationship” he went on to explain that he never said anything bad about his mother and that he still loves his mother regardless “mi neva stop tek care a mi mother” he said.

Dalton went on to state that he contacted his mom during the saga to tell her don’t respond to the negative comments. Harris explains that it’s actually people who got into his mother’s head about him saying bad things about her.

“from mi a likkle bwoy mi a buss up face fi mi mother” Dalton Harris explains that he fought a lot of persons for his mother.

The relationship between Dalton and his mother is non existent currently however he went on to stat that if she contacts him and need any thing he will always be there for her but he wont be contacting her for anything.

Image result for dalton harris in concertThe Picture, Gay Rumours
Dalton said he was laughing after seeing the picture at first, his sister actually told him that it was circulating online. Dalton says after seeing videos of persons threatening him with guns he started to feel bad about how Jamaicans are bashing him about it. Dalton states that only Jamaicans acted out against the picture, Dalton also stated that he will do what he wants to do and no one can’t stop him from do what he wants to do, Harris also talks about not being that type of persons , while he did not openly say he’s not gay he does talk as if he’s not into that lifestyle.

Dalton talks about not selling out himself for the fame “not at once” he stated. Dalton Harris also talks about trying to take his life with drugs. “Me being gay or not wouldn’t mek mi win x-factor” he went on to conclude.

Upcoming Documentary
Dalton says “Mi wah dem si every thing the truth of it” Harris explains that he wants to inspire others to believe in themselves, especially youths from the streets. He will be shooting scenes for the Documentary all of 2019, the onstage interview might be included in it.

Do you feel afraid in Jamaica? his answer was “no sah”.

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