Curly Lox To Kick Off Rebellious Truth Podcast

Music industry personality Patrick Gaynor is aggressively promoting his Rebellious Truth Podcast where he will explore important and controversial questions about the human mind, parental relationships, dysfunctional inter-personal relationships, misguided societal values, and current events.

“My podcasts will be all about stirring up the pot, getting people to discuss things that most people in society shy away from,” he said.

An added dimension of the podcasts will be its ability to engage, as Curly Loxx has a phalanx of superstar friends and you never know who will show up to shoot the proverbial shh..uh, well, you know. Gaynor will host the podcast from various locations around the world. He will be joined by his brother Paul on various episodes. Paul is the other half of the dynamic duo Twin of Twins- the brand for which the two are most well known to date.

Patrick ‘Curly Lox’ Gaynor champions the restoration of original universal truth with his podcast . He wants to dismantle truths and challenge misconceptions.

No stranger to misfortune, Patrick used the seemingly insurmountable pain of losing his son Zion as a catalyst for deep introspection and self discovery. Out of this self discovery came an even keener awareness of universal truths that lay at the root of human actualization.

“It is these universal truths and the clarity I gained through them that formed the basis of my exploration for Patrick’s forthcoming book Planet Hurt. Through my podcast, I want to put back the human in humanity, leading us to our full potential,” he said.

Source: Curly Lox to kick off Rebellious Truth Podcast | Loop News

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