Buju Banton To Tour Europe After Caribbean Concerts

Buju Banton is taking a long walk to Europe.The Jamaican singer, who is currently on his Long Walk to Freedom tour through the Caribbean, is scheduled to perform in about eight or nine European cities from July 6.Ronnie Tomlinson, Banton’s publicist, revealed on Saturday that following the Caribbean, he is headed to Europe.Among the places he will be performing are: Cologne, Germany at Summer Jam; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Zurich, Switzerland at Jamaica Splash; Porto, Portugal; Vertheuil, France at Reggae Sun Ska; and Geel, Belgium.An official announcement of the European tour will be made next week.

Speaking to local media in Trinidad & Tobago ahead of Banton’s I Am Legend concert in the twin island republic on Sunday, Tomlinson said there are no plans right now to hit the American market.Banton, real name Mark Myrie, was released from a US prison on December 7 after serving eight years for drug charges. He was deported back to Jamaica immediately following his release.Asked about the reception to the news that he will be in Europe, Tomlinson told Loop there were concerns from the LGBT community about his infamous song ‘Boom Bye Bye’ but, she said, once they reiterated that he won’t be singing that song again, people expressed excitement about attending his shows.

Image result for buju banton dancehallTomlinson told T&T media that since his release, Banton has stressed on love.“What he is looking for is just to continue spreading love through his music and letting everyone know that everyone is welcomed to his concert,” she said.Asked if fans can expect anything specially tailored for T&T when he performs tomorrow, Tomlinson said he has sung different songs in Jamaica and the Bahamas so it can be expected that he will give his fans here a special show.The I Am Legend show begins at 4 pm and is expected to finish at midnight. Though he was billed to address the media, Banton was a no show.

The singer has not done any interviews at home or otherwise since his release.Tomlinson explained that, at this time, they are using the stage as his platform to speak to everyone with one accord.“When he touches that stage, the message that you get, the vibe, the energy, I feel that we can bring back what we love about Buju.

We can bring that music, those words, those messages that he has and seeing how he connects with his fans again, that’s what we want to see right now,” she said.Following his show in T&T, Banton will be headed to Barbados on April 27, Grenada on May 11, Guyana on May 25, Tortola on June 15 and St Kitts on June 29.

Source: Buju Banton to tour Europe after Caribbean concerts | Loop News

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