ZJ Sparks Starts Education Grant

Image result for ZJ SparksWhen she started her ‘Yaaas Goodie’ T-shirt line last year, ZJ Sparks said that she wanted part proceeds from the sales to go towards assisting young people.

Fast-forward a year later, and the disc jock has made good on her promise and has officially launched the Spark It Up education grant.

In an interview with THE STAR, ZJ Sparks said that having recognised that one of the most pressing needs for persons pursuing higher education today is funding, she decided to start the grant as her small way of giving back.

“When I started my apparel line, it was part of my commitment for part proceeds to go towards assisting a student or students going through financial difficulties. Sometimes students, in their quest to further their education, encounter some hard times, and this is my way of helping,” she said.

“I have assisted students in the past, but never really publicised it because I rather help and hope they put in the work to reach their goals. I hope the grant will help a student, or two or three.”

final year students

The scholarship grant is non-renewable and covers one semester. It is available to final year students attending tertiary institutions in Jamaica.

The number of awardees, as well as the amount of cash to be issued, will vary based on the availability of funds.

The funds awarded will be paid directly to the recipient’s account at their respective institutions.

Related imageTo be eligible, persons must be in financial need, be an undergraduate full-time student at a tertiary institution, be a Jamaican citizen, and must be in good academic standing.

The potential awardees must also be involved in community or extra-curricular activities. Applications must be received by March 22.

Applications received after the date will not be considered. The awarded applicant will be notified by call or email by April 8.

All other applicants will be made aware that someone was selected via social media.

Image result for ZJ Sparks“I require nothing from them except that they apply themselves in school and apply their knowledge to the growth and development of mankind in a positive way and pay it forward to someone who in the future might need assistance,” she said.

For additional information, persons are being asked to send inquiries to TBSEFund@gmail.com.

Source: ZJ Sparks starts education grant | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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