Stefflon Don Thanks Buju Banton For Inviting Her On His ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ Show

Buju Banton and Stefflon DonStefflon Don is thanking Buju Banton for allowing her to perform with his last weekend.

There were a lot of overseas-based artists at Buju Banton show at the National Stadium last Saturday night. Jamaican rapper Stefflon Don was among them, and she graced the stage with the Gargamel. Steff says she has always been a huge fan of the Grammy-winning reggae superstar who concluded his decade prison sentence in December and returned to Jamaica.

“From a kid, all my dad would play around the house was reggae and dancehall music,” Stefflon Don wrote in a lengthy post on Instagram I grew up in Holland from the age 4 to 14 And there where hardly any Jamaicans there.”

She reflects on her childhood growing up in Holland from age 4 to 14. She explains how she felt out of place given that not much Jamaicans were living there and reggae/dancehall music was her outlet. She also revealed that Buju Banton called her and invited her on his show to perform with him.

“So all I had to identify my self with was my mother, my father, my brothers, sister and Dancehall and reggae music,” Steff continues. “I am a huge fan of Buju Banton and this man called me, YES called me, on my phone and told me that he is very proud of me and that I am representing Jamaica very well and he likes what I am doing and because of this I would like to introduce you on to my stage and let the people know you are JAMAICAN and killing it and it’s not a joke ting!”

Stefflon Don is currently one of the hottest female rappers on the scene, and she is huge in the UK. In 2018, she was included in XXL’s annual Freshman Class. Watch the video below and read her full statement on Buju Banton.

Source: Stefflon Don Thanks Buju Banton For Inviting Her On His ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ Show – Urban Islandz

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