Stefflon Don Speaks On Performing With Buju Banton In Jamaica

British-Jamaican rapper Stefflon Don was one of Buju Banton’s special guests on Saturday night.

The Grammy-winning Reggae superstar created history over the weekend at his Long Walk To Freedom Concert in Kingston, Jamaica performing for almost 40,000 patrons.

During Buju Banton’s set, he gave Stefflon Don a huge endorsement and called the “Hurtin’ Me” singer out on stage to perform a song together.

“Wow where do i start…From a kid, all my dad would play around the house was reggae and dancehall music. I grew up in Holland from the age 4 to 14. And there where hardly any Jamaicans there,” Stefflon wrote under a snippet of her performance with Buju Banton.

Image result for stefflon don in concert“When people asked me where I’m from i would reply i am Jamaican and 99% of the time they would say “what is that ?” I would always say do you know sean paul or bob Marley, well i am from where they are from. Not going to lie it would make me feel so small.”

“In Holland the black people there where from different parts of the world and that world never included me.So all i had to identify my self with was my mother, my father, my bothers, sister and Dancehall and reggae music.”

Image result for stefflon don on buju show“So this moment here means the world to me and it takes me back to my childhood. I am a huge fan of Buju Banton and this man called me, YES called me, on my phone and told me that he is very proud of me and that i am representing Jamaica very well and he likes what i am doing and because of this i would like to introduce you on to my stage and let the people know you are JAMAICAN and killing it and it’s not a joke ting!”

“This is the best moment of my career and life achievement ever i do not believe nothing will top this at all!”

“Big up BUJU BANTON i am so happy that you are free from bondage and i thank you for allowing me to share this Legendary moment with you, for the world and my family to witness,” she continued.

Source: Stefflon Don Speaks On Performing With Buju Banton In Jamaica | The Tropixs

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