Ishawna Highlights The Issue With Quality Dancehall Music

Ishawna has chimed in on the ongoing debate about the decline in quality Dancehall music.

Over the last few years industry players and fans have been complaining about the new sound of the genre and the quality of the music being produced in Jamaica.

UK-based Billboard DJ/producer Epik Jones, who is credited for Spice’s new smash hit “Cool It” took to Twitter on Friday and shared the main issue behind subpar Dancehall sounds.

In a lengthy tweet, Jones blamed payola to which the “Equal Rights” singer agreed.

“People think the quality of music has dramatically plummeted. When apart of the issue is music heard most times is being paid to be heard & its not really the quality tracks!,” Epik Jones wrote, to which Ishawna responded, “Say it louder for the ones in the back.”

“With technology in most things, it takes away the difficult barrier to entry, but opens up the floodgates for lack of quality control #OverSaturation,” Jones continued.

“Think of it people use to get water free and pay for music! Now people pay for water and get music free!.”

“Without quality control, with gatekeepers, the music that becomes popularly consumed has been fed to people! By signing up to platforms that use their behaviour, routines as a means to feed them content! Our minds slowly are becoming property of algorithms.”

“That is why so many times for brilliant work to be produced for consumption it involves isolation or absence before making some form of impact in the fast paced industry!,” he continued.

Source: Ishawna Highlights The Issue With Quality Dancehall Music | The Tropixs

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