D’Angel To Markus Myrie: Misery Loves Company

D’Angel is taking shots at Dancehall producer Markus Myrie after he dissed her while denying rumours that they are dating.

Following Markus Myrie’s altercation with father, Buju Banton at his Gargamel Music Studio, rumours started to circulate that his alleged relationship with D’Angel was the reason behind the dust-up.

The Markus Records CEO took to his Instagram story on Monday to refute the claims, “D’Angel?! D’Angel?!,” he said, imitating American rapper Soulja Boy.

“Mi tired fi hear seh mi deh wi Angel… Angel stop spread rumour pan mi you hear? Mi nuh really date people suh older than me, mi respect you as an artiste and everything but…,” Markus continued.

Markus added that this is now the third time D’Angel dating rumours have surfaced.

Hours after Markus Myrie’s response, D’Angel took to her Instagram account to upload a video listening to her songs Nuh Trust Dem and I’m Blessed.

“Cut and clear every demon weh raise up against Angel,” she said. “Misery loves company,” the First lady of Dancehall added while laughing.

Source: D’Angel To Markus Myrie: Misery Loves Company | The Tropixs

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