Buju Banton Son Markus Put Him On Blast On The Gram “Coke Head”

Markus Myrie and Buju BantonNo chill. Buju Banton’s son Markus Myrie is putting the singer on blast calling him a “coke head.”

Whatever is going on behind the scene between Buju Banton and his son Markus Myrie, who is a dancehall producer, let’s hope that they work it out because this is embarrassing. In a series of posts on his Instagram Story, Markus blasts his dad while asking President Trump to send him back to prison.

“So much drama since December,” Markus wrote. “This man needs to go back to prison and dead in deh [Donald Trump] Y pree? come for [Buju Banton].”

In another post Markus wrote, “And you know you f***ed up when you come from prison and out of your 17 children not even 10 was genuinely happy that “Daddy” is back. Great “artiste” yeah but write me off a your list pu**y.”

In another post, Markus said that he will be pressing charges which means that he and Buju Banton may have gotten into a physical fight.

“Parents love respect and can’t understand is a two way street, but me mada never grow me fi take disrespect battyman you cah talk to me any way you wah,” he wrote. “Me nah fi itch up round yuh fi nothing and me nah stretch out me hand to you or depend pan you and it hurt say you can get fi tek liberty a me don’t? But blessed is the child that has his own, oh and me a press charges.”

Markus ended his rant saying “f***ing coke head.” Surprisingly, this new development comes just a day before Buju Banton is scheduled to take the stage for his first post-prison concert at the National Stadium in Kingston. The show will mark the beginning of his “Long Walk To Freedom Tour.” There is also a welcome home show set for Mas Camp on Friday.

Source: Buju Banton Son Markus Put Him On Blast On The Gram “Coke Head” – Urban Islandz

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