Yanique Curvy Diva Under Fire Over Relationship Advice

Image result for Yanique Curvy DivaYanique Curvy Diva angered several Dancehall fans earlier this week after she gave relationship advice to her female followers.

The media vixen/recording artiste uploaded a video on Monday and wrote, “Me leaving a man after mi done take all mi want and use him build miself 😂 ladies secure the bag from early suh any bullish!t gwan yuh done set and learn the ropes suh yuh able fi continue the lifestyle bigger and better. 😂😂.”

While Yanique credited her close friend for the caption, the “Lifestyle” singer was still blasted by social media users.

“Women like these make it bad for some other women… It’s funny how others look up to them….,” one user wrote. “FYI… You don’t need to use a man to secure your bag. You bad is only fully secured when you control it fully,” another added.

Image result for Yanique Curvy Diva“Wooooow this is sad. I don’t want to hear no more complaints about men being dogs.”

“So using people is now considered securing the bad???,” another questioned, “The sad part is that many young girls will try to emulate her reckless behaviour.”

Checkout Yanique Curvy Diva’s post and the comments below.

Source: Yanique Curvy Diva Under Fire Over Relationship Advice | The Tropixs

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