Spice Continues To Taunt Dancehall Fans With New Man

Spice is having a field day with new mystery man.

The Dancehall entertainer has been taunting fans since last week with photos of her alleged new boyfriend who caused quite a stir on social media.

From a cropped photo to uploading an adorable video of the two playing in a pool which sparked a heated argument with another woman and Dovey Magnum, Spice topped it off on Tuesday when she uploaded a photo enjoying breakfast with her new love interest.

“About breakfast this morning,” the “Romantic Mood” singer captioned the photo.

While Spice’s posts on social media are being greeted with thousands of congratulatory messages from her fans, others have theorised that her new relationship is just another publicity stunt to promote her upcoming song and music video.

Spice is known for elaborate stunts before dropping her creative visuals, so we are expecting a new music video for her “Mine” single on Valentine’s Day.

Source: Spice Continues To Taunt Dancehall Fans With New Man | The Tropixs

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