Rygin King Supports Tommy Lee Sparta New Song “Blessings”

Rygin King has publicly given Tommy Lee Sparta’s new single “Blessings” his stamp of approval.

The Montego Bay-based deejay uploaded a video to his Instagram story on Friday enjoying the Damage Musiq-produced single.

Rygin King’s endorsement doesn’t come as a surprise to many Dancehall fans as Tommy Lee Sparta delivers an emotional message in the track which is very relatable.

“The only person weh mi fear ah just God and Cops / Mi doah wan see no more handcuffs / Cyaa tek up no strap / dem wan mi live pan grung wid mi face dung flat / Mi have some place weh mi nah guh back / Mi know few bridge weh affi bun dung,” Tommy Lee Sparta sings over the new “Conquest Paradise Riddim.”

Blessings is Tommy Lee Sparta’s third release since the start of the year. Last week the deejay dropped “Toxin” produced by his Guzu Musiq record label, Joshua Hales is also listed as a co-produced.

Watch Rygin King’s video below.

Source: Rygin King Supports Tommy Lee Sparta New Song “Blessings” | The Tropixs

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