Queen Ifrica Adds Spin On ‘Holding Your Man’

Image result for Queen Ifrica dancehallThe notion of securing a male partner by possessing a ‘tight vagina’ has permeated the dancehall space for decades. Male and female entertainers have added their voices to such belief in their music, and Queen Ifrica is adding an interesting spin to the discussion.

In her latest song,One Hold, the singer gets risque with a witty double entendre.

“It’s thought-provoking if you want to look at it that way, but it’s talking about a woman ‘holding’ her man and just looking at the whole concept of holding ’cause everywhere you go, it’s another ‘hold’ story,” she toldThe STAR. “I decided to add to the conversation by being creative in how I put the lyrics together and that’s howOne Hold came about.”

The track sits on the Warm Kingston rhythm produced by Size 8 Records and is available for purchase online.

“It is being played on some of our radio stations so far. We’re trying to get it out to everybody and we hope to get the support around it,” she said.

Queen Ifrica has never shied away from any topic. She is known to be quite vocal about her views on the legalisation of marijuana, politics and homosexuality. According to theBelow the Waist singer, matters in public domain can be a source of inspiration for her music.

“As long as it affects the mass, I will be doing enough to mention it in a song or two,” she said. “I don’t really get up and say I’m going to sing about violence today. Whenever I get a rhythm, it depends on the energy I’m getting from it.

It could be that there is a topic that people from different countries or cultures are really talking about. I am one of those artistes who will always touch on it to bring it further because music is about doing that, you know. Music is a vessel that brings a conversation everywhere.”

“I decided to add to the conversation by being creative in how I put the lyrics together and that’s how One Hold come about.”

Source: Queen Ifrica adds spin on ‘holding your man’ | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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