‘I Am Not Bisexual’ – Starface Calls Girl-On-Girl Action For ‘Ride It’ Visuals Role Playing

Image result for starface dancehallIn her new video for the trackRide It, Starface hardly leaves anything to the imagination. She plays an exotic dancer who captures the attention of collaborator Maestro Don, and the video unfolds with girl-on-girl action, oral sex innuendoes and even aménage à trois (threesome). Despite the risqué scenes, Starface says she is not concerned about being labelled bicurious.

“I am not bisexual. I respect everyone and harbour no prejudice against anyone because of their sexual orientation, whether they are gays, lesbians, transexual or bisexuals,” she toldThe STAR. “I believe there are more things that unite us as human beings than there are things that divide us,” she continued.

The video was released on February 14, Valentine’s Day, and was directed by Yaad Boiiz Film Productions. Starface revealed that she did not need to prepare much for the role for various reasons.

“I am a sexual being, and I know what I want and what men desire,” she started. “I am into sexual role playing, light S&M (sadomasochism), and I am a pretty good actress, so it wasn’t all that hard.”

She did, however, conduct some re-search by “going to a few clubs and talking to the girls. Most of what you see, I just improvised; I threw myself creatively into the project.”

Image result for starface dancehallInitially released last year on the ‘Fully Aktiv’ rhythm,Ride It has steadily been gaining traction. Starface says the music video has increased its popularity.

“Based on the reaction on my Instagram, this appears to be the new anthem for young lovers everywhere,” she said.

“All kinds of people from uptown, downtown and round town a link me bout the song. I can’t wait to run on with the song at the school fêtes,” she said.

Source: ‘I am not bisexual’ – Starface calls girl-on-girl action for ‘Ride It’ visuals role playing | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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