Etana Thankful For Historic Grammy Appearance, Explains Outfit

Etana is the first Jamaican female nominee to be apart of the Grammy’s live red carpet telecast and she represented well for her country and genre.

Multiple international media outlets placed the “Strong One” on their Best Dressed list. Not only is this a win for the singer/ songwriter, it is also a win for Jamaica’s fashion industry as her dress was custom made by a local female designer.

Etana reportedly received tons of offers to wear and promote world famous luxury fashion brands, however politely declined. She was unwavering in her decision to use Melissa Dunkley.

Etana chose a pink ensemble, that highlighted the under represented females, in the male dominated industry of which she is a part, her team explains.

Image result for etana reggaeThe “Wrong Address” singer also selected pants opposed to a dress, indicating she was just as strong as her male counterparts.

Image result for etana at grammysSpeaking on her Grammy experience, Etana said, “I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to attend the Grammys. I accomplished my objective of making the most of the opportunity. I am thankful to my fans for their continued support, Andre Morris, Tads Records, Sharon Burke, Junior “Heavy-D” Fraser, Tarrus Riley, Gramps Morgan, Dj Courtney, Jessie Adleman, Khambrel McPherson, Clive Hunt, Chevaughn as well as all the singers, musicians and engineers who made this project possible.  I applaud all the media outlets that featured me in their Grammy reviews.”

Source: Etana Thankful For Historic Grammy Appearance, Explains Outfit | The Tropixs

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