Banton Won’t Perform Boom Bye Bye Song

Image result for buju bantonReggae superstar Buju Banton will not perform his controversial “Boom Bye Bye” song at his concert in Nassau next month, Banton’s representatives told reporters yesterday.

“Buju has not sang that song for years,” said Ronnie Tomlinson, who is Banton’s publicist.

“That song has been removed from his set. That song is also a song he has never made a dollar off and he will not be singing and performing that song. So, as far as any concerns that’s just something that we just want everyone to know. That song is not part of the set.”

The announcement came at the launch of the tickets for the singer’s Bahamian leg of his Long Walk to Freedom tour.

The song has been the topic of controversy for its anti-gay lyrics.

In 2007, Banton reportedly signed the “reggae compassion act” and agreed to stop singing violently anti-gay lyrics, including the song, and making homophobic statements in public.

Image result for buju bantonHowever, earlier this month, LGBTQ+ activist Erin Greene campaigned against the performance of the song at his concert.

She claimed that the song is used “to strike fear into hearts of LGBT people”.

Greene said she feared that the performance of the song could lead to hate crimes and violence against the LGBTQ+ community.

Banton’s  concert is scheduled for March 30 at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium.

On Thursday, the Buju Banton Foundation said a portion of the proceeds from the concert will be used to assist at-risk Bahamian youth.

Source: Banton won’t perform anti-gay song – The Nassau Guardian

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