Tommy Lee Sparta Moves Forward To Sue Jamaican Government

Tommy Lee Sparta is moving forward to sue the government of Jamaica.

The Gothic Dancehall entertainer and his legal team are looking to recover money he lost while being arrested and charged for lottery scamming.

Sparta’s attorney, Ernest Smith, says he is a victim of the unlawful restraint of trade, “He was the victim of the breach of one of the most fundamental rights, which is the right to earn a living.”

Last year, Smith shared that Tommy Lee Sparta lost more than $20 million JMD in earnings over the last three years.

Smith alleged that police investigators have been forcing promoters in Jamaica to remove Tommy Lee Sparta from their events. ”They are told, ‘you either scratch him off your show or you get your permit cancelled’,” Smith said. “As his manger tells me, they have had to refund deposits on several occasions.”

Tommy Lee Sparta, whose given is name Leroy Russell, was freed of lottery-scamming charges in the Home Circuit Court on December 20.

Tommy Lee Sparta is no stranger to suing the government, in 2016, he filed a US$3-million lawsuit against the government of Dominica over the cancellation of a 2014 concert on which he was to perform. The deejay was arrested, detained and deported.

Source: Tommy Lee Sparta Moves Forward To Sue Jamaican Government | The Tropixs

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