Tifa Spells It Out For Fans

Tifa spelt it out clearly: “I will not be retiring from dancehall”. She made the announcement during her performance on the Red Stripe Live concert last Friday held at the company’s Spanish Town Road headquarters in Kingston.

“Long time dem a seh mi fi retire,” she said while speaking to the audience. “Dem seh me too brown fi do dancehall, dem seh mi a handicap, but who Jah bless no man can curse ’cause me in front a unuh right now.”

The female dancehall deejay suffers from Blount’s disease, which is a growth disorder of the tibia (shin bone).

Last year, Tifa (given name LaTifa Brown) announced that she was contemplating leaving the music business behind.

Speaking with the Jamaica Observer, the 35-year-old said her fans are the biggest reason for her decision to stay in music.

Image result for dancehall artist tifa in concert“Never underestimate the power of your fans,” she said. “Last year, in particular, made me realise you can’t too follow social media. Social media is about the hype and the laughs and the comments for that moment. You never know who is watching and who is taking offence. I’ve had so many people come in to dms (direct messages) and be like: ‘Don’t let them run you out of the business.’ People inna high levels weh me woulda never expect to reach out to me were like: ‘Don’t leave’.”

Without naming anyone, she said ‘dem’ referred to other players (detractors) in the music industry.

“I’ve always had an aim. I’ve always wanted to be like a Patra. She did it as a woman by herself on Billboard and that’s where I’ve always wanted to go,” she continued.

Patra is a female deejay artiste who dominated the 1990s. Her hits songs include Pull Up to the Bumper, a remake of the Grace Jones song; Scent of Attraction, featuring R&B musician Aaron Hall; and Worker Man.

Image result for dancehall artist tifa in concertTifa was reluctant to reveal her plans for the rest of the year. She was, however, willing to say that fans can definitely expect new music.

At last Friday’s concert, Tifa performed Spell It Out, Going To The Chapel, Move Your Body, Matie Wine, Bottom of The Barrel, Big Bumper and Dash Out.

Her debut album, Curry Goat and Champagne, was released August last year.

Red Strip Live also saw performances from Agent Sasco, Stephen “Pastor” Blake, and Rygin King.

Source: Tifa spells it out for fans

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