STAR of the Month: Time Running Out For Spice’s Grammy Dream

Image result for dancehall artist spice in new yorkThe Recording Academy’s Grammy award remains the most coveted trophy in the international music world. The competition is always stiff, but that’s only if you make the cut.

Spice, January’s STAR of the Month, might never make the cut because she may never get the chance to release an album.

Despite making notable strides in her career, like touring across the United States and Europe and landing a regular role on a popular reality series, the international dancehall star continues to battle with her label, VP Records, over the release of an album.

She claims the label has shelved most of the work she has produced over the years with no explanation.

“I definitely wanted to walk away with a Grammy. I wanted to put back dancehall in a category because it’s not there. I wanted to be that person to put dancehall in the category,” she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Image result for dancehall artist spice in new york“If you’re never able to put out an album, then you’ll never be able to be nominated. I feel like they’re holding me back. Hence, why I released the mixtape and called it Captured. That’s how I feel captured,” Spice explained.

Spice signed a contract with VP Records in 2009, but she said that the deal has not been fruitful.

“I knew what I was signing a five album deal. I write all my songs. It’s easy for me to sit in this room for a couple hours and write songs for five albums. Of course, I knew what I was signing. I just did not know that they would forfeit the deal which is putting out the album. To this date, that’s the only issue we’re having. They haven’t put out one album,” Spice said.

dynamics of music distribution

According to Spice’s public relations manager, Cara Vickers, another issue is that the dynamics of music distribution has changed and the contract with VP has not been updated to reflect that.

“They keep giving false promises that they’re going to release. But they’ve not given significant reason why they haven’t released. She provides the material,” Vickers said.

It has been 10 years since the contract was signed, and Spice is ready to sue.

“Even doing the Captured mixtape, I hoped they’d come at me. That would give me some leverage to say: ‘OK, let’s go to court.’ But even to this day, they haven’t reached out,” she said.

Last summer, VP Records acknowledged Spice’s vehemence by releasing a statement which said: “The label is hard at work finalising the album and all the necessary clearances.”

Still, Spice hasn’t given up on her dream.

“Nothing is impossible once you have faith and you believe in it and work towards it. I don’t think it’s impossible. I just think time is running out,” she said.

Source: STAR of the Month: Time running out for Spice’s Grammy dream | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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