STAR Of The Month: Spice Wants To Be A Movie Star

Image result for Spice dancehallWhile Spice’s explicit lyricism and body-hugging outfits are spectacles in themselves, the entertainer says her undersold skill, acting, is chiefly responsible for her stage dominance. And while she utilises her acting skills during her elaborate stage show sets, Spice has dreams for the big screen.

“I want to dabble more in the movie world. That’s where I want to go. A lot of people don’t know that them calling me the stage show boss or the queen of the stage, that comes with a little acting as well. I play out a persona on stage – so I love acting. Don’t be surprised if you see me in a movie this year or next,” she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The idea may seem far-fetched to some, but Spice has already positioned herself for potential recruitment. Last year, she made sensational small screen appearances as a cast member of the popular reality television show, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Designed to follow music industry personalities, the dancehall star joined that cast with her music career in mind. Simultaneously, she considered her time on the show as a little bit of practice.


“You could say it’s acting. You never know if one of those international movie writers would see that character and say: ‘I would like that persona to be in this movie’. It’s still a platform, in both worlds,” she said.

Regarding her music career, the television series also played its role – despite some protest. Using the recent, wildly controversial release of the song Black Hypocrisy and it’s cover photo, Spice offered up evidence.

Image result for Spice dancehall“I remember a lot of people saying the Love & Hip Hop franchise has a bad stigma – that they fight. A lot of people said it’s bad for my career, it’s a bad brand. But the reason I dabbled in the franchise was because I wanted to gain a more international fan base.”

She continued: “The other day when I did Black Hypocrisy the photo you’d notice it was everywhere. Most of the headlines were saying: ‘Spice from Love & Hip Hop‘. The dancehall world found it offensive, but the truth is, that’s what the American fans knew me from. If I wasn’t on the show, most of the tabloids and media publishing it as if I was just a regular girl from Jamaica, it wouldn’t have been so widely received. The impact the show had on my career was that I gained a wider audience, which is exactly why I went there.”

Source: STAR of the Month: Spice wants to be a movie star | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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