Reggae Singer Bushman Shed Tears After Rebel Salute Mishap

BushmanReggae singer Bushman shed tears while bemoaning his bad treatment at Rebel Salute.

Bushman, Jah Cure, and Kenyatta Hill were among the artists affected by time constraints at last night’s Rebel Salute show in St. Ann. The annual roots reggae show saw a strong turnout and some well-received performances from a strong lineup which includes Bounty Killer who performed under his government name Rodney Pryce. Nevertheless, the show was significantly behind time because Bushman who was supposed to perform at 5 a.m. didn’t touch the stage until 7 a.m.

“Them tell me say me a work 7 o’clock right, and me deh here from four,” Bushman said in an interview with OnStage while shedding tears. “We learn say time a run so we naan bother work seven. Brethren the people them out there for Bushman because they requested Bushman. There is no day I could leave hanging fans hanging, no day.”

The singer added that the organizers told him to come on the stage and perform one song, but he refused. “How can I be waiting for so long and only performed one song?” he said.

Jah Cure went onto the stage while Bushman was performing and demanded some of the action. We’re told that the show’s organizer Tony Rebel will address the issue that a growing number of artists are complaining about. “Just fix it because internally, the artistes know weh we a feel,” Jah Cure said when he went onto the stage.

Rebel Salute closer Kenyatta Hill did not get to perform.

Source: Reggae Singer Bushman Shed Tears After Rebel Salute Mishap – Urban Islandz

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