Queen Ifrica and Tony Rebel Blasted By Daughter Davianah

Davianah, the daughter of Reggae superstar Tony Rebel, is calling out her father and spouse, Queen Ifrica.

The up-and-coming singer labelled the entertainers as hypocrites in a lengthy post uploaded to her Instagram account.

“The reason why i can bun out nuff ppl inna d rasta community is bcuz the two biggest hypocrites i have ever come across are both Rastafarians and they are my father and Queen Ifrica. I keep my mouth shut and i smile when i’m asked about them bcuz thats what ur supposed to do,”  Davianah wrote.

Davianah shared that the two Reggae giants were reluctant to help her in the music industry and also made mention of abuse by the “Sweet Jamaica” hit maker.

“Its called loyalty even tho they both discourage and degrade me every chance they get. I normally would be so discouraged by the things they do i would run away and try to stay away but i always wanted a career and they always made me feel like a career in music without them was simply impossible.”

“I learnt the hard way that they dnt care about anybody besides themselves so i started to find me. I found me and loved me and then i started to do me regardless of what they thought or did or said. Whenever i needed something i couldn’t go to them so i started to not give a f**k abt what they had to say bcuz davianah takes care of davianah.”

“Davianah clothes herself and feeds herself but i never showed them any bad faces and that was real. It didn’t matter n e mre if they supported me cuz i supported me. But here is where i draw the line bcuz u cnt come on stage and embrace me but assault me behind closed doors n if it was back in the days when i could at least get a bills from u but u see my father cut me off financially frm i was 17yrs old.”

The “Ras without Locks” singer says she will be releasing a short documentary and mixtape to share more about her story and won’t be performing at Rebel Salute again, the popular culture event which is hosted by Tony Rebel.

“You dnt even knw how i survive so u dnt get to put ur hands on me anymore. Especially when u wanna fight me bcuz i’m telling u i dnt dress to please u. I dnt n i never will. Not anymore. There is so much i have to say but i’ll leave it on my mixtape which will be released with a 30min documentary on THE REAL! Release date FEB 21, 2019. Hate me or love me, i’m living my truth and i dnt give a f**k what anybody has to say abt it.”

“Rebel salute 2019 was amazing for me and i have been performing since 2011 on that stage and i’m announcing here that this was my final time doing it. I refuse to be apart of something being put together with this level of hypocrisy. 💋💋#Princess #WannaBe #WannaMixtape#WannaBeDocumentary 📸 by @ruggedyouthofficial.”

View Davianah’s post below.

Source: Queen Ifrica and Tony Rebel Blasted By Daughter Davianah | The Tropixs

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