‘No Worries’ Feud Heats Up – D’Angel Answers Spice

“Spice, yuh see in life when things a gwaan fi yuh, people only gwaan like dem glad fi yuh. Yuh see the least likkle thing yuh do, dem same one waan chastise and tear you down! Angel!

Nah listen, nah listen weh dem a say, weh dem a say. Dem waan hear say me fail, but that dem nah hear no day!”

Those were the words uttered by recording artistes D’Angel and Spice, in the intro to their 2017 collaboration, No Worries. Following its release, the song became a hit and an anthem for women across the globe. However, over the past week, the track has been causing a lot of ‘worries’. Over the last few days, a feud has developed between both artistes and it seems unlikely that the unpleasant exchanges between the two will end anytime soon.

A week after Spice voiced her regrets about collaborating with D’ Angel, the first lady of dancehall clapped back in a series of videos that have been circulating on social media since Saturday. D’Angel in one of the videos explained that after years of not interacting with Spice, the collaboration came about following Spice’s persistence. “Yuh keep telling me sister say yuh wa do a song wid me, me say me never ready fi do nuh song wid yuh yet.

Yuh never gimme nuh song

When me see di upsurge of tear dung wid females artistes inna di business, me say a time now … and dem label you as the one weh don’t collaborate wid woman and don’t give woman strength, me say now is the time,” D Angel explained. “Snowcone write the song, yuh don’t know how da song yah write. Me call yuh, and say a it dis, a time, let’s go. We link up and we go inna di studio … wid love, me and her and the song become a number one all over the world and inna di people dem heart. Me promote the song wid all me heart, run wid di song outta breath, everything me can wid di song fi di song reach weh it deh. Yuh never gimme nuh song. Me thank yuh fi di collaboration, but lady me nu owe yuh nothing.”

D’Angel also addressed several other issues Spice brought up in her Instagram Live, including her reputation for sleeping with Bounty Killer and Beenie Man. “Everyday dem get up pan me wid di two man dem di two icon dem a dancehall. Memba say Beenie put a ring on it, me was the man wife, him walk me dung the aisle so don’t go reputation. Which man ever stay wid yuh, which man ever sekkle wid you,?” she said. After ‘clearing the air’ D’Angel said that she wuld be walking away from the drama, and would not be addressing it any further.

Related imageHowever, no sooner had her video begun to circulate, Spice lashed back. Taking a break from her video shoot to address D’Angel, Spice ridiculed her pointing out that although she might have been wife, her inability to remain faithful to her husband caused her to ‘lose the ring.’

The STAR could not get in touch with either women for further comments on the ongoing feud, but their fans had plenty to say, and they are not amused. Both artistes’ social media are flooded with fans begging both artistes to put their differences aside, as the feud is not a good look for the industry. Since Saturday night, fans of both Spice and D’Angel have been expressing their concerns about the message both women are sending to the world by publicly airing their dirty linen. They (fans) point out that the song was one that brought women together (and also one that mended their friendship), so they should put an end to the feud.

Source: ‘No Worries’ feud heats up – D’Angel answers Spice | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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