It Was A Flairy Year … Silent Ravers Dance Move Captivated 2018

When The STAR used its social media platforms this week to ask the public what they thought was the dance move of the year, Flairy was the most popular response. The dance move created by Silent Ravers of Ravers Clavers enjoyed much success in 2018.

Silent Ravers said that while he was initially taken aback by the support the dance move was shown, he was not surprised that many persons were declaring it dance move of the year.

“When me do the dance, me never a expect anything like weh a happen right now, but a di hard work weh me put in a pay off,” he said.

“I already got a trophy at Uptown Mondays in November for dance of the year, so it’s not a new thing. Throughout the year, me and the team put out a lot of work on the dance same way, so me nuh surprised now that people a say it take the year. A the world a do Flairy right now,” he added.

Silent Ravers went on to say that since the Flairy has taken on a life of its own, his life has been changed for the better.

“Fi di past few months, right throughout the year, I have been travelling a lot, and the feedback weh me a get from even outside the country says a lot. It’s wonderful. Me put out my all inna di dance, so fi see how much other people love it is a touching feeling,” he said.

“A lot of doors were opened because of Flairy. It is crazy how one dance move can just change your life. I should be going on a European tour soon, and that’s all because of Flairy and how much the people dem take on to it. A lot of things are in the making. It’s a dream come true,” Silent Ravers told THE WEEKEND STAR.

With opportunities now knocking at his door, the dancer is hoping to maximise on the interest people are now showing in him. He hopes to one day start teaching dance classes of his own.

“I dance because it’s from straight within, and I want to share that passion with others by teaching classes,” he said.

While he is entertaining thoughts of branching out somewhat, the dancer wanted to make it clear that while he pursues solo projects, he will remain a dedicated member of Ravers Clavers.

“At the end of the day, me nah leave out Ravers Clavers. a my team dat, my family. Even when me start teach, a di same Ravers Clavers dance dem me a go teach. Ravers Clavers change my life, so me loyalty deh deh so forever.”

Source: It was a Flairy Year … Silent Ravers dance move captivated 2018 | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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