Hood Celebrityy Says She Had The Biggest Comeback And Reggae Song In 2018

Hood Celebrityy joined the Soulja Boy challenge and declared that she had the biggest comeback last year in the Jamaican music industry.

In a video uploaded to her Instagram account, the “Walking Trophy” singer also shared that she had the biggest Reggae track of 2018.

“Reggae???!.. Reggae???!…. B***h i had the biggest f**king Reggae record of 2018,” Hood Celebrityy said in the short clip.

“f**k outta here like i didn’t hear everyone singing that sh*t… ‘Gal yuh a walking trophy… Gal yuh know seh yuh pretty from yuh born’… Don’t f**king play with me! I had the biggest f**king comeback of 2018…..B***h inna real life yea? Act like you know.”

Walking Trophy peaked at No.22 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay. Following the success of the single, Hood Celebrityy signed to signed to Epic Records last year.

Source: Hood Celebrityy Says She Had The Biggest Comeback and Reggae Song in 2018 | The Tropixs

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