DJ Khaled Reveals He Dropped 34 Lbs Since Visit To Jamaica

Dj Khaled JamaicaDJ Khaled’s weight loss goal is on track.

The rapper/producer revealed that he dropped a whopping 34 Lbs despite his visit to Jamaica where he ate a lot of soul food. DJ Khaled has been working out and eating healthier over the past two years as he shifts his focus on his health while trying to lose weight. His efforts have been paying off big time because he has since dropped a few sizes off his waistline. “I started at 293 lbs.!! I’ve gotten rid of 34 lbs. so far,” he wrote on Instagram.

DJ Khaled almost had his Jamaican citizenship card revoked over the holidays when he visited Jamaica and committed the ultimate sin while eating up some “yard man breakfast.” It’s an understatement to say that Khaled love to have a lot of food around him and when he was in Jamaica it was heaven for him. The producer woke up to a hearty breakfast every morning thanks to his personal chef at the beachfront villa he was staying.

Things went wild when Khaled posted a video on the Gram showing him sharing himself a plate of “yard man breakfast” where he poured out some porridge on his plate of fry breadfruit, yam, and ackee and salt fish. Jamaicans roasted the heck out of him for doing that while saying “real yard man thing this.”

Source: DJ Khaled Reveals He Dropped 34 Lbs Since Visit To Jamaica – Urban Islandz

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