D’Angel Remix Lady Saw Song To Diss Spice

D’Angel will be responding to Spice’s recent insults through her music.

On Wednesday, the “First lady of Dancehall” gave fans a preview of her upcoming single titled “Stress Free,” which serves a remix of Lady Saw’s smash hit 2004 “Man A Di Least.”

“Mi stress free and mi nuh inna excitement / seh dem nuh like and mi wussa neva like dem / see dem a run backa man weh a hide dem  / could a never mi, mi nuh inna man problem,” D’Angel sings, “Yo bright! yuh facety outta order nuh / why yuh wan trouble me? mi neva bother yuh / stop follow up mi life, girl a wapn to you? / that’s why mi private mi page yuh likkle stalker yuh.”

D’Angel’s upcoming single comes after Spice labelled her a hypocrite over the weekend on her weekly Question and Answer session dubbed ‘Genie Saturdays.’

Spice blasted D’Angel after praising fellow entertainer Pamputtae. The newly crowed Queen of Dancehall told fans that the “Sticky Wine” deejay has never shown her signs that she was jealous of her success, however as for her “No Worries” collaborator, the “Needle Eye” deejay said, “[D’Angel] could a stay.”

“[D’Angel] called down mi phone, she wan do collaboration and thing, member unu know seh nothing never did a gwan fi Angel,” Spice said. “Ano lie mi a tell, nothing never did a gwan fi Angel until me give [her] the song No Worries.”

“Mi do the song No Worries and unu see seh it hit and it give her supn, suh everything weh a gwan fi Angel right now a me mek it a gwan fi her.”

Spice added that after the Good Good Productions-produced track was released she never heard from D’Angel again. The newly crowned “Queen of Dancehall” also labelled D’Angel as a hypocrite for allowing her stylist to disrespect her online after an incident with Team Spice dancer, Rebel.

Source: D’Angel Remix Lady Saw Song To Diss Spice | The Tropixs

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