Beenie Man Thinks Stylo G Diss Him Over The Nicki Minaj “Touch Down” Remix

Beenie ManBeenie Man thinks Stylo G dissed him when he drops the Nicki Minaj “Touch Down” freestyle.

Nicki Minaj posted the freestyle on her Instagram page and tagged Beenie Man and Stylo G in it. The Queen rapper also called the Doc the one true king of dancehall which appears to be a shot at Vybz Kartel who is featured on the song’s remix. It’s unclear how Stylo G disrespected Beenie, but the dancehall legend is feeling some type about being left off the track.

“Stylo G them you see true him name Stylo G a feel him a try style me, but we a bad people and a so my thing go,” the deejay said. “Because somebody right and said the king deh pon the thing and Nicki write and said the king need fi deh pon the thing… and them send the riddim and me do my version of the part and send go give them.”

“Me don’t know what they did with it’s not my thing because me no run down songs and me no run down music,” Beenie continues. “Big up to each and every deejay but I don’t run down songs. I’ve been doing this since 1977 brethren. Me a the only artist in Jamaica who popular from 1981 until now.”

It appears that Beenie Man was supposed to be on the “Touch Down” remix but was left off the track by Stylo G team. The track was released with verses from Nicki Minaj and Vybz Kartel. Beenie then released a video on his Instagram account where he spits a freestyle of his verse. Nicki then re-post the video clip on her Instagram while giving the dancehall icon a big shout-out.

It’s unclear if the Trinidad-American rapper was sending a message to Stylo G, but it did appear that she took a jab at Vybz Kartel when she called Beenie Man the one king of dancehall.

Source: Beenie Man Thinks Stylo G Diss Him Over The Nicki Minaj “Touch Down” Remix – Urban Islandz

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