Amari Sends Warning To Spice Amidst D’Angel Beef

Image result for Amari dancehallAmari is sending a stern warning to Dancehall entertainer Spice.

In a video uploaded on social media, the controversial recording artiste warned the “Queen of Dancehall” to stop feuding with D’Angel and focus on her career.

The former lover of Gully Bop added that she will be coming to take over the Dancehall industry very soon, “Spice watch out Amari is coming!,” she said. “Unu stop the f***ery and focus because i shall come from nowhere, i shall come like a thief in the night, you shall wake up and i will be all over the internet.”

Last month A’mari stole Spice’s song titled and dropped her own “Black Hypocrisy” track through her Phantom Fireworks Record label Incorporated.

Image result for Amari dancehallA’mari said she decided to record the track after the bad press Jamaica has been getting recently. Over the last few weeks several bloggers have been warning persons not to return to the island due to crime and violence.

“This song is bigging up the diversity and strengths of Jamaica, talking about the positive aspects of Jamaica, pride, honesty, class, integrity, dignity and a strong morality. Let us celebrate our country, our women are some of the most beautiful in the world, winning Ms. World several times, we produced Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley and great thinkers,” she said.

Watch Amari sending out a warning to Spice below.

Source: Amari Sends Warning To Spice Amidst D’Angel Beef | The Tropixs

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