Queen Ifrica Lashes Bad Mothers For ‘Mashing Up’ Jamaica

Image result for Queen Ifrica IN CONCERTQueen Ifrica has made a bold and daring claim that women are to be blamed for some of the ills affecting Jamaica.

“A Jamaican woman mash up Jamaica. Unu hear dat a while ago? Make me say it again. Jamaican woman, yuh turn yuh back and the whole country mash up. Jamaican woman nah pay attention again and the whole country mash up. Di man dem get so confused, dem a chop off head and a stuff baby inna grave. Black Jamaican woman, we man dem need wi bad,” she said.

The unapologetic Ifrica made the comments while performing at Ghetto Splash, held at the Waterhouse Mini Stadium on Tuesday night.

Following her strong performance in stage, the Lioness Is On the Rise singer told THE WEEKEND STAR that women are the backbone of the society. She argued for women to once again take their rightful place in society. Ifrica argued that once women begin to take their duty as nurturers seriously again, change will come.

“A Jamaican woman let in certain system inna di household innu. Jamaican woman used to guard certain things from entering the household … . In how she walk, how she speak, how she present herself … . Certain things couldn’t take place inna di house one time,” she said. “A nuh man alone mash up Jamaica, di woman dem up inna it a lead out wid di mash-up, and me nah take dat back.”

Ifrica noted that many households are headed by single mothers, some of whom have failed to nurture their children properly.

Image result for Queen Ifrica IN CONCERT“A single mothers a run the world ennuh, and when single mothers used to pay attention inna Jamaica, we used to have better children. We never used to have gunman at 13 years old and 14 years old. Mothers used to lick the life outta dem and drive the fear of God inna dem, so a weh we mother dem deh now?” she questioned.

“One time, Jamaican woman used to take pride inna how dem treat dem man, and how dem culture dem children, and dat nuh happen again. Woman start lef dem children gone a party gone drink rum, and the whole country just mash up because nobody nuh deh deh a teach we children certain things again. Morals a dead out,” Ifrica said.

Source: Queen Ifrica lashes bad mothers for ‘mashing up’ Jamaica | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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