Canada’s Mystic Sound Wins World Clash

For the third-consecutive year a Canadian sound system has won the World Clash title. On November 24, Mystic Sound took top honours by beating six rivals at Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto.

World Clash, organised by New York promoters Irish and Chin, featured competitors from the Rumble Clash series. They were King Turbo (last year’s winner), Rumble winners Three Sevens (from Antigua), Dynamq Sound International, Jah Works, Empire, Mour Dan, and Dee Buzz.

“This year, World Clash showed great potential for up-and-coming champions to one day inherit the arena. The majority of this year’s contenders represented their countries well. Their performances proved that fans could be entertained without the likes of the industry’s famed stars,” Garfield “Chin” Bourne said in an interview with the Jamaica Observer.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the series.

“My overall excitement came as I witnessed patrons enjoy a concept that I brought to reality. As an event producer/promoter there is no satisfaction like the one you get knowing that your concept, vision, something that was running around in your head is now the next level for the industry you represent,” said Bourne.

Tyrone “DJ Tyrone” Davis of Mystic Sound (who won the Canada Rumble in March) said his team brought their A-game to the party.

“I think what worked in our favour was the fact that I love the stage and I really enjoy putting on a show. What we did, many sounds would not do. I throw the mic in the air, roll on the ground and just entertained the patrons,” he said. “I am happy that we won; people have been calling me from Jamaica and all over. It’s just a great feeling to represent our culture and to put reggae and dancehall music on another level.”

The 41-year-old selector is originally from Logwood Park in Kingston. The other members of Mystic Sound include his brother Paul, Fabian Leslie (originally from Mountain View) and Randy “DJ Randy” Nelson (born in Canada to Jamaican parents).

“Mystic Sound has been around from in Jamaica. It was started around 1995 by Leroy McPherson. When me and my brother Paul migrated to Canada in 1997 we decided to continue the sound. We have come a long way from competing in local sound clashes such as Fully Loaded, but we never won anything of this magnitude,” said Davis.

Bourne spoke about World Clash’s aim.

“My objectives were to stage a great competition featuring new and upcoming talent from all over the world, place them on one stage, and witness hundreds of clash fans watch in amazement. [I wanted to] introduce the bashment world to sound clash by means of staging a pre-world clash party and celebrate the big brand in sound clash culture. I would say my objectives were achieved,” he said.

Source: Canada’s Mystic Sound wins World Clash

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