Queen Ifrica want’s Vybz Kartel To Apologize For Sparking Her Bleaching Rumors

A seemingly upset Queen Ifrica took to her social media page a day or so ago to Demand that jiled entertainer Vybz Kartel Apologize for associating her with skin bleaching “mi wah tell some people fi low mi out a dem bloodclaat colourism argument” sharing that she is currently going through her very own colourism issue with the fact that some people dont want to accept that she is brown.

“vybz kartel you need to put out the apology to the world enuh and tell the people dem seh yo sorry fi talk seh the queen bleach enuh, cah from yo talk seh the queen bleach a bay people a say it enuh dawg”

Image result for Queen Ifrica skin colourWhile puffing on a big-head splif the Queen went on to say that “unuh fi low off a mi name now with this bleaching bloodclaat arguemnt”

Ifrica also comments about being half black and getting her light skin colour from slave master which she is not happy about. The reggae Queen ended her speech by stating that she bun bleachers and people who don’t like them self “a we seh love self”.

Source: Queen Ifrica want’s Vybz Kartel to Apologize for sparking her Bleaching rumours – yardhype.com

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