People Want Gimmicks And Negativity, Says Real Rich

Image result for Tanto Blacks in concertPleasing a dancehall audience is not rocket science for Real Rich, formerly known as Tanto Blacks.

In a recent interview with THE STAR, the Stinking Rich deejay asserted that dancehall fans loved gimmicks and negativity.

“That’s what people want. You don’t have to use gimmicks to buss. You can also use negativity,” Real Rich told THE STAR. “Alkaline never did haffi tattoo him eye. A just the way you people want it. People love the worst things.”

The entertainer rose to prominence under the moniker Tanto Blacks in 2009 when he entered the now-defunct Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition. He stood out among the contestants with his catchy, comedic lyrics and stage performances that included gimmicks. While that was almost a decade ago, Real Rich has become known for using gimmicks to entertain fans on stage and even social media.

But according to him, he only did it to please fans.

“Me never did haffi come out wid gimmicks. A just the way you people did want it,” he said. “If me come pon Instagram and seh: ‘People, me want unuh believe inna Almighty God,’ me get 2,000 views. But if me come and seh: ‘Me a demon. Me sign to illuminati,’ they are going to adapt to it. Me know how fi get inna dem head.”

Image result for Tanto Blacks in concertEven though he has come to this understanding of the dancehall audience, Real Rich has a different motive these days.

He said: “It is time to tell unuh about the real life of me.”

Real Rich has been creating spiritually based music such as Stronger, produced by Inferno, and River Kingdom, a Sky Star Music production. While he does not conform to labels or genres, he does have a musical preference.

“I don’t listen dancehall. I listen mostly hip hop and songs about ‘rich’ weh me a go buy mi Boobee, wah house me a go buy me mommy, just richness. I don’t want to hear about bussing shot inna da bwoy deh head or da girl deh fi skin out. I don’t listen to that. If I listen culture, it can’t have ‘poor’ in it. It haffi have rich inna it,” Real Rich said.

Source: People want gimmicks and negativity, says Real Rich | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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