Natty To Play Mount Pleasant Eco Park In Porthtowan With The Stalks

San Francisco born, London raised, artist Natty and his band the Rebelship are playing tracks from their new limited edition album.

Man Like I and I…X, is a double-vinyl that features a re-mastered version of the 2008 debut Man Like I album, plus new recordings of favourite tracks featuring some of Natty’s close friends including Seun Kuti, Benjamin Zephaniah, Maverick Sabre and El Fari and Ramzi.

The album also shares an acoustic version of crowd favourite Bedroom Eyes and a track Natty recorded with Sly & Robbie that did not feature on the original album, and four new tracks.

A gifted musician from an early age, dabbling with many styles and instruments, Natty started his first band aged 10. He has been dubbed a ‘soul-reggae crossover sensation’ and has since continued to travel the world entertaining a loyal and ever-growing fan base of people from all walks of life.

Natty said: “Becoming an independent artist was a big step in 2012, and then travelling to Africa, Jamaica and other parts of the world and getting in touch with the things that I was writing about, but maybe hadn’t really lived and things that I couldn’t have imagined.

“I spent a lot of time visiting Rasta elders, Amazon shamans, African spiritual elders and sacred sites.

“My time in Africa also led to my becoming involved with the To date we have built four schools and one orphanage that currently homes 60 children.”

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Source: Natty to play Mount Pleasant Eco park in Porthtowan with The Stalks | This is The West Country

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