Mighty Mystic Gears Up For Fourth Album Release

Boston-based Mighty Mystic, real name Kevin Holness, is gearing up for the release of his fourth studio album – Enter The Mystic. As a member of one of the most prominent families in Jamaica, the reggae singer has dedicated his entire career to introducing reggae music to those who may have never heard it before. As an advocate of reggae music culture, this musician is neither propelled nor dismayed by the fact that his brother is the prime minister of Jamaica.

According to Mighty Mystic, his brother is a reggae music lover, and supportive of his craft. His political status is something the musician treats as ‘matter of fact’. “I don’t lead with that. But if it comes up, I don’t shy away from that. That’s blood, family. I’m proud of him and his accomplishments.”

The reggae artiste told The Gleaner that music has been with him since he was a youth in Jamaica. After relocating to Boston as a youngster, he maintained his connection with the music. “I’ve been doing reggae music in the United States for quite some time. I wanted to be able to share it,” he said. The Mighty Mystic stage grew from local performances in schools to small outdoor concerts, into a viable career. Wholly independent, Mighty Mystic has travelled around the world with his band on tours.

“We pull about 1,000 persons every where we play,” he estimated. But getting to this point wasn’t easy.

“For us, it started grass roots. We released song after song. Lucky for me, I made a calculated move to tour early, and a lot. It takes extensive touring to cultivate the fan base,” Mighty Mystic said. He proved the theory right. At some performances, there were fans coming from hundreds of miles away to see the reggae performer.

“Then we knew it was time for us to spread out, and go to them. That’s what drove my career.”

There was also the issue of breaking through to an audience more attuned to hip hop and R&B. There was even the thought of changing genres, but that was quickly squashed. “That was a question mark in my mind, but we stayed true to reggae. We found a nice balance where we could spice it with hip hop or rock elements – give them something familiar. Once we drew them in, we gave them the full dose. Because once you hook them, they’re hooked,” he said.

Beginning to practise in the early 2000s, Mighty Mystic released his first single – Riding On The Clouds in 2006. Four years later, he released his first album. Now, Mighty Mystic has a full-blown catalogue and a dedicated following, as he gears to release his fourth album on February 1, 2019.

“This release is different from my last three albums because I think we captured the classic elements of reggae which we all know and love, while adding elements of hip hop and rock to make the album ‘pop’ more. Every song from track one to 14 was created with a vision to make the listener feel as if they were locked in to a big Hollywood motion picture, something theatrical and sonically epic.”

Brotherly Love

Though his brother chose a political career, Mighty Mystic and his other brother, Stephen, were themselves hooked on something else – music. “I was hip to it from early, and Steve – he plays every instrument. He picked up the guitar and it clicked to him. Within a month or two, he understood the guitar. Then he moved on to bass, drums, piano. He would build melodies on the instruments and ask, ‘can you sing something on this’?” the singer divulged.

That was the beginning of the brother’s co-writing relationship. “We put a band together, and he was an integral part in my career. For the last few years, he hasn’t been travelling. He’s behind the scenes now,” Mighty Mystic shared.

Upon release, Enter The Mystic will be available in stores worldwide and on all major digital platforms. Salt, lead single from Enter The Mystic,is currently available for streaming or download on all major platforms.

Source: Mighty Mystic gears up for fourth album release | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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