Jamaican Now In Top 10 of X Factor UK

Jamaican Dalton Harris has successfully made it to next week’s round of the televised talent competition X Factor UK.

It was a tense results show yesterday with 12 contestants vying for the top 10 slots. A technical glitch during Saturday’s performance show resulted in voting being relegated to 14 minutes during the Sunday afternoon broadcast (local time). The producers also opened the show yesterday by showing each of the performances from Saturday in their entirety to refresh the minds of voters.

Harris was visibly nervous as he awaited his call into the top 10. He was the fifth contestant to be chosen. Also in the top ten are his fellow Boys Team mates Anthony Russell and Brendan Murray; Shan Ako, Bella Penfold and Scarlette Lee from the Girls Team; Danny Tetley and Gio Spano from The Overs; and Misunderstood and Acacia & Aaliyah from The Groups

At the end of the voting it was the quintet United Vibe who was sent home. The duo Acacia & Aaliyah and Molly Scott were left as the bottom two and forced into a sing-off, with the duo ending on top and returning next week.

Image result for dalton harrisHarris’s studio recording of Radiohead’s Creep, which he performed on Saturday’s live show, shot up iTunes Top 100 charts. For the second-straight week, Harris was the top X Factor contestant on the chart, peaking at number 34.

Just like last week, only one other contestant joined the Jamaican talent on the charts. Shan Ako, who performed the Simon and Garfunkel classic The Sound of Silence, made it to number 98.

Saturday’s show was based on a Halloween theme and Harris appeared on stage with white hair and matching contact lenses to added to his impressive vocals. He earned another standing ovation from all the judges after he poured all his emotion into the soft rock anthem released back in 1993.

The performance also earned him one of the greatest compliments from lead judge and show creator Simon Cowell.

“Dalton, you are literally killing it every week. I mean you were amazing week 1, week 2 — this is probably the best you’ve sounded so far. And I was thinking while I was watching this, it was almost like maybe you needed this platform but, trust me, we needed you on the show because this is what it’s all about… I mean stunning. That was stunning,” said Cowell.

His team coach and mentor Louis Tomlinson was also complimentary.

Image result for dalton harris“I’ve felt the same every week I’ve sat here — just super, super proud of you. Your ability as a vocalist is in its own league as far I’m concerned. You sounded absolutely beautiful. The dynamic within the performance was absolutely beautiful . Well done mate, well done,” Tomlinson noted.

Harris’s vocal ability was also the subject of the comments from judge Ayda Field.

“Dalton, you are vocally on a whole ‘nother planet. Your range is like a range within a range within a range. You’re like a vocal matrix. I’m so excited because I’m watching a real artiste emerge. You’ve gotten a standing ovation with every single one of your performances. For me, you made that song yours and i was like ‘Radiohead who?’ That was incredible,” she said.

Her husband Robbie Williams also heaped praise on the 24-year-old.

‘Dalton, that was incredible! You could sing absolutely anything and I’d be buying it…You’re incredible,” said Williams amidst wild cheers from the studio audience.

The performances continue this Saturday, The theme will be movies.

Source: Jamaican now in top 10 of X Factor UK

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