Jamaica Performances No Longer Crucial To Dancehall, Reggae Artistes Relevance

Dancehall insiders have claimed that local performances are no longer as crucial to the success of a Jamaican entertainer as before.

According to music insiders, entertainers such as Chronixx and Alkaline are prime examples that artistes no longer need to maintain a heavy local presence to be relevant on the Dancehall/Reggae circuit.

They claim that the traditional thought of being ‘out of sight and out of mind’ is no longer applicable as entertainers are no longer reliant on local performances to promote themselves or reach their core audience.

Image result for Chronixx reggaeChronixx, for instance, has not performed in Jamaica for almost a year, while Alkaline infamously avoided performing in Jamaica for over three years before last year’s New Rules concert.

Despite their hiatuses, the two superstars remain two of the most popular acts charting several hits throughout the calendar year.

According to Chronixx’s management team, the entertainer does value his local performances as they are extremely important to him, but they prefer to organize their own concerts which limits the frequency at which he appears.

However, at least one music insider, Junior ‘Heavy D’ Fraser, has criticized this practice saying that these entertainers should do better as their local fanbase gave them the big break and deserve to see them on a regular basis.

Fraser was also highly critical of Chronixx who he claims “nuh do show unless him a do it himself. I think it’s unfair, and it kills the promotion business.”

The veteran promoter did, however, concede that once an entertainer has gained his big break their absence no longer significantly impacts their popularity in the music industry, as the world is such a big place with several markets.

Source: Jamaica Performances No Longer Crucial To Dancehall, Reggae Artistes Relevance | The Tropixs

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