Irish And Chin World Clash Series Headed For Canada

The Tibetan Cultural Centre in Toronto, Canada, will be the venue for the milestone anniversary of Irish and Chin’s World Clash series.

Set to take place on Saturday, November 17, the iconic World Clash will feature some of the biggest and ‘baddest’ sound-system stars competing in a clash of epic proportions.

Referred to as the ‘Super Bowl of sound clash’, the series will see the Rumble Series winners facing off against two-time World Clash champion King Turbo from Canada. In a release sent to The Gleaner, Garfield ‘Chin’ Bourne of Irish and Chin says his team is happy that the World Clash series has lasted as long as it has, and he hopes it will continue to grow. “We are extremely proud that World Clash has stood the test of time. Our goal is to have the World Clash brand and the phenomenal art of sound clash continue to wow international audiences for years to come,” he said. “I am equally interested for new sound-system stars to achieve notoriety and success while new fans are introduced to the allure and thrill of sound clash.”

As the anticipation mounts, the organizers reveal that with tickets selling very fast, they will be providing pay-per-view access for persons who do not get to attend the live event. Five hundred pay-per-view subscriptions will be made available for international fans.

Irish and Chin have thrived as purveyors of Jamaica’s indigenous sound-clash culture for over two decades. The team, which has amassed an incredible following over the years, has skilfully navigated the times and helped to bring sound clash to international, mainstream status.

The duo’s love of sound clash dates back to the ’80s and ’90s, but it was when two former sound men joined forces in 1998 to revive New York’s then-fading sound-clash scene that World Clash was born. The inaugural clash, which was held at Amazura in Queens, New York, featured Kilimanjaro (winner), Coxsone and Downbeat.

Source: Irish and Chin World Clash Series headed for Canada | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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