Germain Looks To Victorious Weekend

This weekend is very important for music producer Donovan Germain. Today, Kingston College, his alma mater, goes up against North Street rivals St George’s College in the final of the Manning Cup.

Tomorrow, Germain’s protégé, singer Dalton Harris, contests the finals of the X Factor UK talent contest in London.

Germain, whose credits as a producer include songs by Nadine Sutherland, Marcia Griffiths, Agent Sasco, Buju Banton, Wayne Wonder and Beres Hammond, is confident of victory on both counts.

“My philosophy is that once you are prepared then you should deliver. I know both Dalton and KC prepared for their finals. I know how much work Dalton has put in and he has shown how consistent he is and should do it. We must also remember that Dalton went to KC as well. The same goes for the team. The boys have put in the work in training and throughout the season, so we should lift the Manning Cup,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

While he is known for his work in the music business, not many are familiar with his efforts as one of four managers of KC’s team and football programme. Germain explained that just like his efforts with artistes such as Buju Banton and Dalton Harris, the football programme is about his wider mission of giving opportunities to young people.

“It is said Kingston College Old Boys graduate from the school, but we never leave. A few years ago I found that I needed to take a break from the music business at times to recharge my batteries and decided to become a volunteer at the school. This was mainly through mentorship and providing financial aid. Two years ago I was invited to join the management of the football programme and I accepted the challenge. I have now divided the calendar in two parts. So from January to June it is all about the music. Then come July to December I work with the football programme at KC. I have been asked to take on the role of manager next year and I look forward to that,” he said.

Germain played on the KC Manning Cup team in 1969, a losing season for them. He is looking forward to a change in fortunes today.

Source: Germain looks to victorious weekend

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