SEVEN sound systems will vie for top honours at the World Clash finals scheduled for the Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto, Canada, next Saturday.

The line-up includes six ‘Rumble’ winners: Jah Works, which won the Japan Rumble; Empire & Mour Dan (UK Rumble); 3 Sevens (Caribbean Rumble); Mystic (Canada Rumble); Deebuzz (Euro Rumble); and Dynamq (US Rumble). They will face-off with two-time World Clash champion King Turbo of Canada.

The World Clash final will also mark the 20th anniversary of the series, which is promoted by New York-based Irish and Chin.

“We are extremely proud that World Clash has stood the test of time. Our goal is to have the World Clash brand and the phenomenal art of sound clash continue to wow International audiences for years to come,” Garfield “Chin” Bourne told the Jamaica Observer.

“I am equally interested for new sound system stars to achieve notoriety and success while new fans are introduced to the allure and thrill of sound clash,” he continued.

Organisers Irish and Chin developed a passion for sound clash more than two decades ago. However, it was when they decided to revive New York’s then fading sound clash scene in 1998 that World Clash was born. The inaugural clash, which was held at Amazura in Queens, New York, featured Kilimanjaro (winner), Coxsone and Downbeat.

The efforts of Irish and Chin have helped to catapult sound system clash to another level. The World Clash brand has been the benchmark of standard over the years, spawning loads of similar, mostly corporate, staged iterations.

Source: Canada to host WORLD CLASH FINALS

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