Brent Bunting Wounding Case With Anju Blaxx Settled In Court

Image result for Anju BlaxxBrent Bunting, a son of politician Peter Bunting, was on Monday freed of the wounding charge that was brought against him by music producer, Andrew Myrie, more popularly known as ‘Anju Blaxx’.

This followed Bunting’s lawyer, Peter Champagnie, announcing in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court that his client had been fully compensated by Myrie in relation to a violent encounter Bunting had with Myrie. The attorney said Bunting was also no longer minded to pursue wounding charges against Myrie.

In addition to compensating Bunting, Myrie also indicated that he did not wish to continue with the case against Bunting.

Reports, including from the police, are that  Myrie was hosting a birthday party at his home in an upper St Andrew community when the young Bunting went to the location knocked on Myrie’s door complaining about the music that was being played.

An argument reportedly developed between the two, which escalated into a fight.

Bunting, it is reported, suffered a fractured jaw during the fracas, while Myrie sustained injuries to his face and a cut to one of his fingers from a piece of broken glass.

Source: Brent Bunting wounding case with Anju Blaxx settled in court | Loop News

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