Beenie Man Blasts Elephant Man: “Yuh House Look Like Yuh Hairstyle”

Image result for Beenie Man in concertBeenie Man and Elephant Man’s beef continues with the release of his latest diss track “Don’t Say Nuttin.”

The Doc dropped the gritty Frenz For Real Production single last week, blasting the ‘Energy Gad’ for releasing a track over his infamous line in “Our Grung.”

“I never know seh one line could a cause so much problem bwoii,” Beenie Man says in the introduction before making fun of Elephant Man’s speech defect.

“Ding tek weh yuh light fi dat yuh shame / man a roses fi life this ain’t no game  / (irrelevant man) yuh house look like yuh hairstyle / Mr fake jewellery and Mr fake smile / yuh career wan fix up like outta three mile,” Beenie Man spits over the beat.

Beenie Man and Elephant Man’s beef started earlier this month after the ‘King of Dancehall’ took aim at the ‘Energy God’ in his latest single titled “Our Grung.”

Image result for elephant man dancehall  in concertIn the track Beenie Man shared that Elephant Man has found it difficult to produce dancing tracks since Ding Dong Ravers came on the scene, “… from Ding Dong start sing the dancing song dem Elephant doah find none,” the Doc deejays over the beat produced by Zinc House Records.

Elephant Man wasn’t feeling Beenie Man’s lyrics and recorded a gritty diss single titled “Nah Talk” in which he spoke about the veteran artiste’s alleged involvement with the murder of dancer Gerald ‘Bogle’ Levy, his past relationship with D’Angel plus a slew of other topics.

Stream Beenie Man’s new diss track “Don’t Say Nuttin” below.

Source: Beenie Man Blasts Elephant Man: “Yuh House Look Like Yuh Hairstyle” | The Tropixs

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