Vershon Off On First European Tour

Dancehall artiste Vershon has embarked on his first tour of Europe.

The entertainer, who is hoping to strengthen his fan base in that part of the world, left the island last week.

According to the artiste, although he has visited many European countries before, the series of shows he is currently booked for will help him amp up promotions and widen his international reach.

“I am doing this tour to increase my fan base and spread my music in Europe. Every successful artiste has to tour. If you don’t go out on the road and promote yourself, you are basically limiting your brand,” he said, pointing out that since his arrival in Europe, he has been working hard to achieve improve his brand. “Everything is going according to plan. So far, I’ve been doing a lot of radio interviews and public appearances. The shows are lined up quite nicely, and it’s all about going out there and making my performances felt.”

Although many of the countries he’s slated to visit have already begun to experience winter weather that the deejay is not accustomed to, he told THE WEEKEND STAR that he has learnt to adjust, especially because he yearns for success.

“Many artistes are afraid of winter tours, but if you want good, yuh nose haffi run,” he said, noting that a tour is quite fitting for his career at this point as he also released a full-length EP earlier this year.

“This year, I had set some solid goals to achieve in music, and I am satisfied that they have been executed. So right now, it’s about building on this foundation in 2019,” he said.

In addition to his Europe tour, Vershon has been enjoying success on the local sphere. His single Cuban Links, which was produced by Shadedon Records, is currently enjoying a fair amount of rotation on local radio.

Source: Vershon off on first European Tour | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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