Sting Will Be Back With Big Changes

Image result for beenie man and bounty at stingAfter 2 years of waiting the fans of the hugely anticipated ‘Sting’ the Dancehall event that attracted music lovers from all over the country during the Christmas holidays, will be held again this year on December 26th.

Patrons will be happy to know that Sting will be rebranded and held in Ocho Rios. It will be upgraded to First World status and Sting will be more of a Global Brand.

Isiah Laing who is the original organizer of the show has joined with investors and he also has a new organizing team.

The event will be held at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove, Richmond Estate in St. Ann, it will no longer be in St. Catherine which was close to Kingston.

Related imageMichael Dawson who is one of the new organizers has started speaking about the new gentler approach to the event. There will be no more clashing and bottle throwing and patrons will be having a wholesome experience.
Having the event close to the resort area should help to attract foreigners as well and this could bring well needed foreign exchange into the island.

This is a good move for Jamaica’s Music Industry as young artistes will be encouraged to improve their craft, so they can be invited to showcase their talents at a big event that is almost as popular as Sumfest.

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